Monthly Archives June 2021

Gallery mostly repopulated

It took me a little while (way too long) to get a handle on how this software works, but I’ve more or less got it now and I have re-uploaded the majority of the galleries that existed on Gravitonhigh on this website. Lightbox browsing is now supported so looking at the galleries on your phone will be a much more pleasant experience. Some optimization is still necessary with some pictures zooming in way too big, but for now at least they’re available. I am planning on including a link for zipped versions of the galleries as well for those who like to have the actual documents on their HD. I have not done the merchandise gallery yet, because I plan to take all-new pictures of the items in my collection with the same background for the sake of uniformity.

Also, I suffered an HD cr...

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Project A-ko Remaster hopefully to come during 2021

Although it isn’t the freshest of news anymore, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the biggest A-ko revelation in recent memory, the story behind the upcoming Discotek Blu-ray remaster of Project A-ko. For decades the original 35MM master of the movie was considered lost, and any re-releases on DVD have been based on the best available sources. As it turns out, Robert Woodhead of AnimEigo was about to remaster one of their licensed properties, M.A.D.O.X. 01, and when he requested the original master from the film library, Project A-ko’s master was found, misfiled, in the same area...

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