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Exclusive! A-ko 4 production materials!

I’ve managed to get my hands on some of the rarely-seen art used in the making of Project A-ko 3 and 4! While production art from the first two films was commonly seen in anime magazines and artbooks, it seems the later films didn’t get the same level of coverage. I personally had never seen any of the behind-the-scenes stuff for these movies before these sheets came into my possession.

I bought this from Japan (naturally) based on seeing about eight images. I waited a long time for shipping before I was able to actually see what all I had, over 10 agonizing weeks! Overall it was worth the wait...

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Adorable A-ko Sticker!

Just bought this super-cute A-ko sticker on eBay! This was exciting to run across, as it’s not often you see fan works for Project A-ko like this for sale. You can get yours here!

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The A-ko Blu-Ray is here!

The new Discotek Blu-Ray of Project A-ko has finally begun to make its way into everyone’s hands! I was eagerly awaiting this and hoped to have it for Christmas, but a few days after was still OK. This disc is so jam-packed that when I put it in, I spent so much time looking at the supplemental materials that I had to go to bed without actually seeing the movie. These are some of the best and most extensive extras I’ve ever seen on a DVD that wasn’t part of some premium set. This release is basically an A-ko encyclopedia.

I regret that I can’t make any screencaps, I just bought a new PC and it doesn’t have an optical drive. I thought I could do it on PS4, but it doesn’t let you make caps from DVDs...

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New Model Kit and Merchandise Galleries added

I’ve been busy at work photographing and scanning my collections with updated pictures, and I’m pleased to announce that the Model Kit gallery is complete and the Merchandise one is well on its way. I hope you like my new background!

Model Kits


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Gallery mostly repopulated

It took me a little while (way too long) to get a handle on how this software works, but I’ve more or less got it now and I have re-uploaded the majority of the galleries that existed on Gravitonhigh on this website. Lightbox browsing is now supported so looking at the galleries on your phone will be a much more pleasant experience. Some optimization is still necessary with some pictures zooming in way too big, but for now at least they’re available. I am planning on including a link for zipped versions of the galleries as well for those who like to have the actual documents on their HD. I have not done the merchandise gallery yet, because I plan to take all-new pictures of the items in my collection with the same background for the sake of uniformity.

Also, I suffered an HD cr...

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